Tips to make constructing English sentences easy

Tips to make constructing English sentences easy

My mom likes London.

My mumsy adores the Big Smoke

An image of foggy London

The Big Smoke — London’s famous nickname; Source

If you’ve ever dipped your toes into the waters of learning English, you might think the second sentence is way trickier than the first one. Mumsy? Adores? The Big Smoke?! You gotta know not just the words, but also all those cultural bits to really get the meaning behind the complex sentence. 

But here’s the thing… For a newbie diving into English with zero knowledge, those two sentences might as well be twins — they rock the same sentence structure. I mean, if you’re starting from ground zero with zilch in your vocabulary bank, what’s the difference? Every word’s a mystery waiting to be cracked open in that dictionary!

And this is what this article will be all about: uncovering the making of sentences in English using a simple sentence structure formula. At the end of the day, you don’t have to wait until your vocabulary reaches the Shakespearean level to start using the language. A dictionary and the basic sentence structure is all you need to make sentences in English.

Making of sentences in English made easy: 4 tips and tricks

Let your sentences stretch and flex

Who said sentences have to be boring? Mix it up like a smoothie! Try short and snappy sentences, long and luxurious ones, and everything in between. Flex those sentence muscles and show off your linguistic acrobatics!

Learn new words

Wanna level up your sentence game? Expand that vocabulary! The more words you know, the more flavors you can add to your sentence soup. Besides, when you have the words ready and don’t have to check the dictionary every time you’re making a sentence in English, the process will become automatic. 

Use transition words

Don’t leave your sentences hanging! Use transition words and phrases to keep the party going. Whether you’re adding, contrasting, or showing cause and effect, these little connectors will keep your sentences flowing like a river.

Practice as much as you can

After reading this article, you already have everything you need to start using English. Take the basic sentence structure formula, remember about the common sentence patterns, and use English to tell any story you want to tell! Sign up to EMERY now to chat with native speakers who will make it easy to break the language barrier and put your language knowledge to good use!