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An innovative English-learning environment,
which fosters your freedom to
experience the world world without borders.


EmeryVerse is the unique combination of an educational video-streaming service, e-Learning solution for studying English and a platform for live communication with your language instructors.


We have crafted for you the optimal studying mix, which combines asynchronous learning (you work with educational materials on your own) and developing your language speaking skills through the conversations with native English speakers from the UK, Canada and the USA.

learning environment

You can study from any place in the world using any Internet-connected device without any limitations, including a possibility to have a live video call with a language instructor 24/7. We constantly monitor your progress, give feedback to your assignments and direct your educational effort.

Fostering your freedom

EmeryVerse was created to provide you with the most efficient, cost-effective and surefire way to ultimately satisfy all your English communicational needs.

experience the world

All our authentic studying materials, including 100,000 educational videos, were created on the true-to-life principle, which means that we discuss without taboos everything that is important for a person living in the modern world. We prepare you for any real-life situation, which calls for using such kind of English that can rarely be found in traditional textbooks.

world without borders

We use humor, emotions and unorthodox questions to challenge commonly-accepted thinking patterns, in order to break language barriers and provoke you to express your thoughts and insights in English.

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Right now, you are just a few clicks away from the beginning of your English adventure. We sincerely hope that you will choose to break down the borders with us.

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