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  • Live classes with native English speakers without any schedule

    There’s no schedule, you can just pick a time that works for you and contact our language facilitator to practice.

  • Study English words with our unique 100,000+ video explanations

    The power of laughter, storytelling, and emotional connection makes memorizing words fun, fast, and easy. Learn English words like natives do!

  • Learn English Grammar with our innovative short videos

    Simple and effective video explanations of complex English grammar topics. Cards with English grammar rules that you can save and access anytime.

With Emery You Will Be Able To

  • Pass your job interviews confidently

    We prepare you for your dream job interview, teaching you how to explain your interest in the job opportunity and express your qualifications with flair.

  • Find jobs at foreign companies

    Make the English language your best friend and unlock new work opportunities with higher pays around the world.

  • Break the language barrier

    Overcome the fear of speaking English by practicing with native speakers in real-time whenever you want, wherever you are, without any schedule.

  • Find international friends and travel around the world

    Become fluent in English to feel confident wherever you go. Meet new people around the world and make new friends!

Why Choose Emery to Improve Your English and Life?

Meet Natalia Ptushkina, Emery Program Director, who will tell you more about the English learning process and how Emery makes it easier for you to.

Learning Progress Forecast


Achieve the level in
2 months

I can briefly introduce myself and answer common questions. If the conversation partner speaks clearly and slowly, I understand them.

1500 words


Achieve the level in
3 months

I can discuss familiar everyday topics and express my own opinion. I understand words in the media thanks to the context. Sometimes I search for the right words.

1,500-2,000 words


Achieve the level in
3.5 months

I feel confident communicating in English when traveling. I use advanced grammar and read uncomplicated texts.

2,000-3,000 words


Achieve the level in
4 months

I have advanced conversational skills, analyze and express my thoughts, understand subtleties, and use humor. I watch English movies without translation.

3,000-4,000 words


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journey now

I am fluent in the language in various situations. I am an expert in idioms, slang, jokes, and cultural nuances. I am capable of reading complex texts.

4,000-5,000 words