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An innovative video-streaming English learning environment
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HI I'M Emery

And I’m here to help Emery to help you
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  • Perfect your public speaking and presentation skills by recording selfie-style videos on the questions asked by Emery.
  • Adapt studying to fit your lifestyle. Enjoy 24/7 access to our native-speaking language facilitators from wherever you are in the world.
  • Master word pronunciation and improve your listening skills with our karaoke-style learning method.
  • The world’s first English Video Dictionary makes understanding words faster and deeper through emotions, fun and storytelling.
  • Sharpen your written skills by writing a story, essay, or email on a topic or question and receive helpful expert feedback.


Unique educational videos

With our unique patented approach called Avalanche, EMERY acts as your English guide to fluency. Our videos are emotional, engaging, and thought-provoking. They’re designed to help you remember information easily. Whether it's expanding vocabulary, learning English grammar rules, or improving listening, we make sure the learning sticks.

Love English
Three guys
Solo Man
Big city life
Looked After
Question English

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English words hacked!
Our world’s first Video Dictionary reinvents language learning with over 100K unique English-to-English word explanations for learners at any level. The power of laughter, storytelling, and emotional connection makes memorizing words fun, fast, and easy. Learn English words like natives do!
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Inspire your English thoughts!
Discover your true English self with every story you tell. A 1000 questions that will change your English and challenge preset views of the world.
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Successful success
Become a pro at English grammar
Forget difficult and ineffective textbook explanations. From plain English to the most complex English grammar topics, we cover every rule you need to know to speak like a native. Video explanations come with grammar cards you can save and access for revision anytime! And once you learn English grammar rules, you can test yourself with hundreds of practical exercises.
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Feel confident in English-speaking environments
There’s a world of difference between the English language you hear in the classroom and the English language you hear on the streets, at restaurants, in movies, and your work meetings. Learn to understand spoken English in all its glory — with different accents, intonations, and tones — just like you would in real life with our Listening Comprehension tasks.
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Listen Eanglish
Unique system of emotional learning
Sing along with hundreds of original songs that combine words and grammar with melody and rhythm. Enjoy our innovative karaoke-style learning system and improve your pronunciation with fun and groove!
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Learn English to study yourself
Free your English voice and enhance your spoken skills. Break down the speaking barrier with our "Talk to Emery" feature. Video record your answers to Emery’s questions and build your confidence one video at a time!
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Create your own English Journey

Not sure how to start learning English to boost your current language level? Take a quick test on our e-learning platform and receive a personalized learning program that fits your language learning goals in minutes

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